The Benefits to Home Escrow

Home escrow refers to the process of a third party that simplifies the transfer of property from one person to another to make sure that it is fair and equitable. Now why would you consider utilizing home escrow services when buying or selling a home? A real estate transaction can be a very lengthy and complicated process. There is a lot of documentation that needs to be covered along with a difficult closing process. The home escrow company acts can organize the documentation for you and aid you through the procedure, thus greatly simplify the process.

Along with simplification, the home escrow company also acts as security. Real estate transactions typically deal with large sums of money and there is no guarantee against theft from the buyer or seller. The home escrow company acts as a neutral third party, where the funds are transferred and held by the escrow, and dispersed when the closing process is completed. For real estate transactions, utilizing home escrow services is a great idea.

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Home Escrow

What exactly is home escrow? Home escrow is a process that utilizes a third party to fairly and equitably transfer real estate property from one person to another. The purpose of the escrow company is to make sure that all steps in the real estate transaction process are completed on time and correctly. The use of a third party in the home closing process really simplifies the process and works as a safe way to transfer funds.

With home escrow, the third party that acts as the escrow agent is neutral, which means that they do not favor the buyer, nor the seller. Funds for the property are transferred to the escrow company where they are held while the home is in closing. Through the steps, there is documentation that must be completed, and the home escrow company will collect the documentation to ensure that everything is completed. This way, the transaction can occur correctly and on time, to the benefit of both the buyer and the seller.

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Buyer Protection

Here at Escrow It, we offer services that provide protection to buyers in the transaction process. Have you ever bought something that didn’t turn out to be all that it was claimed to be? You may not be able to return this item and you will be stuck with the feeling of wasted time, effort, and worst of all, your money. Luckily for you, Escrow It provides many protections to buyers so that you will no longer be stuck with these negative feelings.

The best part about the escrow process is that you, as the buyer, can see exactly what you are paying for, before the seller gets the money, to allow you to approve of what you are getting. That way you can make the decision for yourself if you actually want whatever you are buying. Along with this, it protects against fraud since the payment is held by Escrow It until buyer approval and then sent to the seller. It is also much cheaper and much more hassle-free than wire-transfers and cashier’s checks. Let Escrow It handle your transactions. There are many protections given to you as the buyer.

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Protect Your Shipment in the Summer Months

Summertime means barbecues and beaches. Time at the pool and traveling. However, the summer also brings in hot weather that can most of the time mean uncomfortable conditions. While this can be uncomfortable for you, you will also have to consider the things that you ship. With escrow services provided by Escrow It, you may be shipping a delicate collectible or sensitive electronics. These can be susceptible to the heat of the hot summer months.

People who ship chocolate absolutely dread the summer season. Leaving chocolate in a shipping box on someone’s doorstep spells bad news, and a melty surprise to whoever is receiving it. They take advantage of insulated shipping boxes to drive away the heat and keep the contents cool. If you plan on shipping delicate collectibles or sensitive electronics, keep in mind that the product you are shipping will probably sit on a hot delivery truck for an extended period of time. Utilize proper packaging to keep your products safe.

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Foreign Transactions

When conducting international sales or purchases, it is important to have protection as either the buyer or seller. Escrow It offers escrow services for these foreign transactions. The process is exactly the same with any escrow service we offer, but must be done in United States currency. Buyer and seller protection is key and without this service, there is nothing that can be done for fraudulent activity.

When compared to a local sale, a foreign transaction is very different. Say you want to buy a collectible. Locally, you can drive to the seller, inspect the product and verify that it is real. Internationally, you can find the same product from another country and have it sent, without any protection if it happens to be a fake. With escrow services, the collectible can be sent to the buyer and inspected. This is a crucial advantage you get with our Escrow Service. This can be applied to domain transfer, automobile, or any legal items involved in an international sale or purchase.

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The Escrow Process

If you are either buying or selling, the services that Escrow It provides can be very beneficial to you. Whether you are selling a domain name, an automobile, collectibles, or electronics, know that you are being protected from fraud. The terms are settled upon by the buyer and seller and they both get to control the transaction and Escrow It does not make decisions for you.

First off the, the buyer and seller must agree to the terms of the transaction, which includes things like sale price, number of days for inspection, and proper description of the merchandise. From here, the buyer pays Escrow It and the seller ships the merchandise to the buyer, who can inspect it and either reject or accept it. From here, Escrow It can pay the seller or refund the buyer.

This service provided in crucial in protecting buyers and seller from fraud. Fraud is very common in today’s world and steps can be taken to prevent it from happening to you. Adding this protection is smart in protecting your valuables or your money.

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Using an Escrow Company when Selling Items of a Deceased Family Member

As you may know, you can count on a third party escrow company to keep your transactions safe when selling valuable items. If you are in the situation that you have inherited items from a deceased family member and are looking to sell them, using a third party escrow company is a smart choice. There may be those out there that wish to take advantage of you during difficult times such as this. Take control by using Escrow it to keep your transactions safe.

Cremation-USA aims to provide those who have lost a loved one an affordable and easy alternative to burial, while still honoring the deceased. Cremation rates have been on the rise and Cremation-USA is the best option when considering the cremation process. If you have lost a loved one, chances are that you will have inherited some amount of property from them. If you wish to sell it, use an escrow company to handle the transaction process.

The memories of your lost loved one will live on in the property they pass down to you. If you plan on selling any property, consider Escrow It to protect the memories held in that property to prevent dishonest people from stealing from you. If you mention to get 5% off of your escrow fee. It is a great choice for you, and will let your mind rest in these trying times when selling a loved ones items.

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Why Use a Third Party for Domain Name Transfers?

Now why would you ever go through the hassle of a third party? It is so much easier to have a direct contact between parties when transferring domain names, right? Not exactly. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and there are those out there wishing to gain profit at other’s expense. Fraud does exist and it is definitely prevalent in domain name transfers. Using a third party, like Escrow It, can prove to be a beneficial step in the process of domain name transfers.

When using a third party, both the buyer and seller are protected. There have been cases in the past where fake transfer letters have been sent to registrars and domains have been transferred without complete discretion of the original owner. With a third party, like Escrow It, fraudulent payments can be caught and stopped, giving peace of mind to the seller.

Fraud protection would be one of the best reasons to use a third party for domain name transfers and this is how we do it here at Escrow It. The registration of the new domain name will be confirmed with the buyer. This protects the buyer and the seller. We will only will only release funds if the domain is confirmed with the buyer and there are no issues. The buyer is also allowed an inspection period to verify access to the domain. We can also handle international domain name transfers and make it easy for you.

Our recommendation: use a third party when transferring domain names. The seller is protected from fraud and the buyer can approve of the domain before money changes hands. These added benefits are not found in direct domain name transfers. When you need to transfer your domain name, contact us here at Escrow It.

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Transferring Domain Names

The domain name transfer process can be quite simple but you need to know the inner workings of the process in order for things to flow smoothly. They can last up to 10 days and require a lot of necessary information. When you transfer your domain name, you are shifting ownership of the domain from one registrar to another. This article will not go too in-depth into the process but will cover all of the basics.

Let’s say that you own a domain and are looking to sell it or “transfer it”. This domain will need to be registered for at least 60 days in order to be transferred. The domain must be active, unlocked, and free of legal disputes. You will also need a new registrar to transfer the domain to, the contact information of the administrator of your domain, as well as an authorization code from your registrar (transfer code). The receiving registrar will then give email notification to your administrator, who will then need to approve of the transfer. Once approved the actual transfer begins. You will then receive notification if the transfer was successful.

Now that you have a rough understanding of the process, be sure to gather the necessary prerequisites if you would like to transfer your domain name. Having all the necessary information at the ready is vital in order to ensure a smooth process for both parties.

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