Buyer Protection

Here at Escrow It, we offer services that provide protection to buyers in the transaction process. Have you ever bought something that didn’t turn out to be all that it was claimed to be? You may not be able to return this item and you will be stuck with the feeling of wasted time, effort, and worst of all, your money. Luckily for you, Escrow It provides many protections to buyers so that you will no longer be stuck with these negative feelings.

The best part about the escrow process is that you, as the buyer, can see exactly what you are paying for, before the seller gets the money, to allow you to approve of what you are getting. That way you can make the decision for yourself if you actually want whatever you are buying. Along with this, it protects against fraud since the payment is held by Escrow It until buyer approval and then sent to the seller. It is also much cheaper and much more hassle-free than wire-transfers and cashier’s checks. Let Escrow It handle your transactions. There are many protections given to you as the buyer.

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