The Escrow Process

If you are either buying or selling, the services that Escrow It provides can be very beneficial to you. Whether you are selling a domain name, an automobile, collectibles, or electronics, know that you are being protected from fraud. The terms are settled upon by the buyer and seller and they both get to control the transaction and Escrow It does not make decisions for you.

First off the, the buyer and seller must agree to the terms of the transaction, which includes things like sale price, number of days for inspection, and proper description of the merchandise. From here, the buyer pays Escrow It and the seller ships the merchandise to the buyer, who can inspect it and either reject or accept it. From here, Escrow It can pay the seller or refund the buyer.

This service provided in crucial in protecting buyers and seller from fraud. Fraud is very common in today’s world and steps can be taken to prevent it from happening to you. Adding this protection is smart in protecting your valuables or your money.

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