Foreign Transactions

When conducting international sales or purchases, it is important to have protection as either the buyer or seller. Escrow It offers escrow services for these foreign transactions. The process is exactly the same with any escrow service we offer, but must be done in United States currency. Buyer and seller protection is key and without this service, there is nothing that can be done for fraudulent activity.

When compared to a local sale, a foreign transaction is very different. Say you want to buy a collectible. Locally, you can drive to the seller, inspect the product and verify that it is real. Internationally, you can find the same product from another country and have it sent, without any protection if it happens to be a fake. With escrow services, the collectible can be sent to the buyer and inspected. This is a crucial advantage you get with our Escrow Service. This can be applied to domain transfer, automobile, or any legal items involved in an international sale or purchase.

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