Why Use a Third Party for Domain Name Transfers?

Now why would you ever go through the hassle of a third party? It is so much easier to have a direct contact between parties when transferring domain names, right? Not exactly. Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and there are those out there wishing to gain profit at other’s expense. Fraud does exist and it is definitely prevalent in domain name transfers. Using a third party, like Escrow It, can prove to be a beneficial step in the process of domain name transfers.

When using a third party, both the buyer and seller are protected. There have been cases in the past where fake transfer letters have been sent to registrars and domains have been transferred without complete discretion of the original owner. With a third party, like Escrow It, fraudulent payments can be caught and stopped, giving peace of mind to the seller.

Fraud protection would be one of the best reasons to use a third party for domain name transfers and this is how we do it here at Escrow It. The registration of the new domain name will be confirmed with the buyer. This protects the buyer and the seller. We will only will only release funds if the domain is confirmed with the buyer and there are no issues. The buyer is also allowed an inspection period to verify access to the domain. We can also handle international domain name transfers and make it easy for you.

Our recommendation: use a third party when transferring domain names. The seller is protected from fraud and the buyer can approve of the domain before money changes hands. These added benefits are not found in direct domain name transfers. When you need to transfer your domain name, contact us here at Escrow It.

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