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In the event of a vehicle transaction, will secure payment from the buyer through a trust account. Once payment is secure the seller will be prompted to ship the motor vehicle. Vehicle shipment is most commonly paid for and organized by the seller. All details of this will be listed in the agreed upon terms of the escrow contract. The seller should confirm all details of the shipping arrangement directly with the company chosen to provide shipment, including how the vehicle will be insured during shipment. The time it takes for the vehicle to reach its destination depends on the carrier that was selected as well as the distance between the buyer and the seller.

Lien Info

If the vehicle that is being sold has a lien, you must check with the institution holding the loan for pay off instructions before vehicle is shipped, this information will also be listed on the terms section of the buyer and seller contract. will not pay off a lien holder until the close of escrow and only if receives a fax from the seller that states the lien holder demands pay off.

Title Info

To avoid fraud, please do not send any title documentation with the vehicle that is being shipped. recommends that the seller use a reputable title transfer service or alternate reliable means that is secure and can be tracked. Title Transfer Services assists with title and registration from start to finish, and covers cars, trucks, motorcycles, motor homes, boats, watercraft, off-road vehicles and trailers. Lien holders such as finance and leasing companies are also included in the process.

Title transfer services should include:

  • Paperwork completion with you or on your behalf through a limited power of attorney.
  • Document retrieval from all parties and applicable finance and leasing companies.
  • Paperwork, including bill of sale and power of attorney should be provided.
  • All duties and responsibilities of Lien holder (finance company/ leasing company), should be included in the process.
  • Title transfer service will notify you of necessary documents that you will be required to send to Escrow-It, including proof of insurance and smog/emission inspection.
  • The service should list the amount of time it will take to process the transaction

*DMV may require additional fees

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